LiveWest Homes Limited is a charitable community benefit society, company number: 7724 VAT: 568873378 (Parent). Arc Developments South West Limited, a private company limited by guarantee without share capital, company number: 05716836, VAT: 870111559. LiveWest Properties Limited, company number: 10110021. LiveWest Treasury Limited, company number: 06392963. Great Western Assured Growth Limited, company number: 02525892. LiveWest Capital Plc, company number: 08691017. Knightstone Charitable Housing Limited, a charitable registered society, company number: 19165R. Westco Properties Limited, company number: 02677745, VAT: 784460504. All companies are registered in England & Wales, trading as "Liverty", with a registered office at: 1 Wellington Way, Skypark, Clyst Honiton, Exeter, EX5 2FZ.


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